Birth Photography Common Q & A              

Q: First things first. How does all this work?

A: I am totally devoted to you and your birth! I am available 24 hours a day seven days a week from your 38 week mark until the birth of your baby (your "birth window"). I will be there for the entire birth whether it is three hours or thirty! My phone is at my side at all times and I do not travel more than 30 minutes away from my home during your birth window.


Q: Do hospitals allow photographers in the room?

A: There are no policies against having a birth photographer at any hospitals in Maine that I am aware of. For scheduled c-sections it is up to the discretion of your doctor and your anesthesiologist. 


Q: Will I get to meet you sometime before the actual birth?

A: Yes! I commonly meet up with my birthing families during their third trimester to get to know you face to face and build a relationship with you before the big day. During the meeting we will go over your hopes and feelings surrounding your birth. This will help me better adjust to you and your family's needs that day. The meeting will surely put everyone at ease and bring a comfort for you. I want to become invisible to you on your day. I want to be a fly on the wall during your birth so you can focus your energy and strength where it is needed most. I commonly hear from my clients that they forgot I was even in the room!


Q: I am having a scheduled c-section. Do you photograph those also?

A: Yes! And I believe it is even more important to have me there to capture sections. I can record for you all of the moments you are missing while stuck on the operating table - weighing your baby, measuring your baby, cleaning them up and getting their footprints done. If for any reason I am not able to enter the OR during the surgery I will capture all of the before and after beautiful moments I can. They are still your baby's first moments and your first memories together and your birth story will still be absolutely beautiful.


Q: I am worried I cannot afford it. Is birth photography really expensive?

A: Most people think they cannot afford birthing photography. But I beg to differ! My fees for services of birth sessions are very reasonably priced and I accept payment plans also if you choose. This way it is affordable for anyone who desires to capture their experience. 


Q: What if something happens and you miss the birth?

A: While I am devoted 100% to you during your birth window there is always a chance that your baby may come so quickly that I may not make it in time. In that case your session fees are transferable to a {FRESH 48} First Glimpse Session and a Newborn Lifestyle Session. I do not offer refunds for birth sessions because of the on call nature I have to provide in my schedule for them.  


Q: I know I am going to want it dark in the room when I labor. Is that going to be a problem for photos?

A: I am highly skilled in low light photography and will not use flash during your birth unless absolutely necessary. I find flash to be intrusive and distracting to a laboring family. I am equipped to capture your birth whether in the low lighting of a hospital room or the candlelight at your home birth. We will discuss this more and about the images you are looking for when we meet.  


Q: My partner is not comfortable with the idea of having someone photograph our birth. What should I do?

A: View some slideshows and pictures of birth photography together and let the images speak for themselves. In most cases you cant tell someone about birth have to show them the beauty of it. That it is tasteful and discreet and absolutely beautiful!


Q: How graphic are your pictures? You don't take pictures "down there" do you?

A: Normally no. If a client request crowning shots I will take them but usually I stand by/next to your shoulders durning the pushing stage of your birth. I snap the first picture in the moment after your baby has emerged and the emotions of everyone in the room. Birth photography is about the beauty of birth and the emotion...about capturing a beautiful journey. That is why I love it so much!


Q: Will my pictures be posted on the internet?

A:  Most clients love to have a sneak peek of a photo or two on Facebook within 24 hours of the baby to share with family and friends. Images posted there and on my website will never show nudity or genitalia of mom or baby. I remain very sensitive to the privacy of my clients. During and after your birth I will do everything in my power to protect you from any exposure you may not want. I completely understand the vulnerability a birthing mother may feel at any given moment during a session and after. I only share what you want me to share if anything at all. You can see that my work is very tasteful. I take my job very seriously and I assure you that as my client, your privacy and protection are my absolute first priorities.


Q: I think having you there during the birth is not for me but I still want pictures of my brand new baby. Can you come right after the birth?

A: As much as I believe in the value of birth photography, I do understand it is not for everyone. Whether it is modesty, or the idea of having someone else in the room while you birth puts you off you may better prefer a Fresh 48 First Glimpse session. I come within 48 hours after your baby's birth to capture all their newness. The details about these sessions can be found my All About the Fresh 48 page. 


Q: How do we go about hiring you?

A: First things inquire about my availability! Then I will ask you for a deposit to reserve your EDD, and provide you with a birth information packet that gives you tons of information about your up and coming event. There will be some worksheets to bring to me durning our third trimester face to face meeting to ensure we don't miss a single detail. 



If you have any other questions that were not touched upon here please contact me via phone or email and I will be happy to do so!  ~Lisa